Geometry Girl

Geometry Girl is an app novel currently in development. It’s a reading app in Dutch and English, with tasteful audiovisual and useful mechanical enhancements, that tells the story of a budding game maker trying his luck at an infamous trade show in Los Angeles.

It’s also a research project looking into the possibilities of digital writing and reading. During all phases of the creation process I’ll try various interesting things, work with others, and document my sources, considerations, experiments and results on this website. Check out the research plan for an overview of what I’m interested in; the idea is that the app novel helps focus the research, while the research inspires the app novel.

Along the way, I hope to map out existing methods and tools, and develop new ones, so this site should become a useful resource for others, too. If you want to get monthly updates, linking to the new stuff you’d otherwise miss, please subscribe to the newsletter.

My name is Niels ’t Hooft, by the way. I call myself a hybrid writer, which is a fancy way of saying I combine traditional writing with other stuff . For example, I ‘read tested’ my third novel De verdwijners (The Disappearers) and built an experimental iPad app for the tenth anniversary of my debut novel Toiletten (Bathrooms). I also podcast-interview Dutch authors about their process and side projects. Geometry Girl is my most hybrid project yet.

For this project I have received funding from the Dutch Foundation for Literature and Creative Industries Fund NL, and I work with Codeglue, SonicPicnic, Tim Hengeveld, Saskia Freeke, Sjors Houkes, and others.

Final note: I brazenly started this project asking myself why writers weren’t doing more with these infinite digital possibilities. Well, the first thing I discovered is that writers (and designers, publishers and other entrepreneurs) are actually doing a lot, it’s just scattered around, sometimes hidden quite well, and often not exactly what I was thinking. Still, I’m far removed from being aware of everything relevant, so if you have anything to add – or want to work with me on this – absolutely do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.